Option Trading Alerts

Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness

25%-50% Profit Target

Our goal is to provide consistent positive returns while keeping the downside risk to the minimum. In short, No betting allowed.

Simple Actionable Alerts

Easy to understand and execute
E-Mail and SMS based single leg option alerts.

Autotrading Available

We also support autotrading with our brokerage partners (eOption, Autotrader, Global-Autotrading)

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See what our members have to say...

Elizabeth Ming- UnitedHealth Group
I always wanted to get into the options market, but struggled with the timing around executing a trade. Now GoOptionsPro tells me when and what to trade – I just have to execute.
Mark Burley– Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Wanted to supplement my monthly income by playing in options. Knowing the risks involved, picking the right partner to guide me was very important. Consistency is a key for me.
Buy DateTypeSymbolRealized % (Profit/Loss)Close Date
01/31/2017CALLMembers Only----
01/25/2017CALLMembers Only----